The state in which one has suggested numerous sexual escapades to an "exclusive..." and has been ambigously answered.
Speaker 1: Maybe?
Speaker 2: Potentially?

Enigmatic high-5 ensues.
by Miss J. Breaker March 30, 2005
Top Definition
The word used as an escape when commonly found in a tricky conversation. An easy answer for a yes or no question without consequences. The better form of Maybe. Often most affective when said while using hand gestures.
Speaker 1: "Did you punch yourself in the face while dancing awkwardly?"
Speaker 2: "um... eh. Potentially..."
by steffers_11 December 31, 2010
Could possibley happen. Used under pretty much any circumstance for comical value. Pronounced "Pot-eeeeent-ially!" Usually accompanied with "YEEEEEES"
Friend 1: Are you right in the head?"
Friend 2: Potentially YEEEES!"
by claire bridgwells May 01, 2005
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