a board on gamefaqs that hates LUE because its full of n00bs that cant go there or ppl that cant hang out with the LUEsers
by trolls rule September 29, 2003
Top Definition
Post of the day, generally stated as 'POTD' accompanied by a quote of the referred post.
"Witty Quote"

by DSJim October 27, 2006
Possibly the best social board on GameFAQs.com
Liek OMG PotD is teh best!!!1!one!!!!eleven!!!11!!
by Anonymous PotD user May 24, 2003
PoTD pawns over any other board on GameFAQs.
Of course, the stupid mother fucking Jaelen always has to come and
be a jackass and start flame wars that self center ass.
by someone you dont know July 20, 2003
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