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Noun ; A very disturbed person who acts with little to no feelings only unless it is within a lie. Very sneaky personality. Does not bathe often. Not harmful to most but very distinct about his often colorful personaility. Addcited to pot. Very prepubecent. Tries to impress the weak/victims and lures them into his self indulgent world but often/most likely fails. Very un- intelligent, and clumsy. Compulsive liar. Likely to be a pedo. Dresses nicely but beware his disguises with his good looks and charm. Weird rash, may be contagious to most. Follows closely behind his victims up until the point of restraining orders. Guilty person. Often tries to make you feel guilty by using fabricated stories of unknown. Conceited.
Look at that Pot Pube saying that he's lived a hard life, and knows Michael Jackson and the President of Columbia.

That Pot Pube says he got molested by Oprah.

That Pot Pube said he got abducted by aliens.
by Scared Children.. October 29, 2010
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