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When you return from a long vacation to discover one of 2 things.

1) That you are very sad returning to work and the usual grind, after spending 2 weeks in a different country having tons of fun.

2) To check your email, and find 2 emails after 2 weeks of being gone, and feeling sad that nobody emailed you.
Post-Vacation Depression

1) After Bob came back from China at 3 AM, he was immediately swamped with 3 days of straight work from the time he was away.

2) "Damn! I just got back, and the only email I got was spam...I feel so loved..."
by HellsSpongee August 30, 2008
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Depression felt after coming home from vacation.
I'm depressed. I must have post vacation depressions.
by AhlixL August 25, 2008
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