Post-Vacation Syndrome (PVS) appears in victims after returning to school/work after a vacation of a week or more. PVS is most common after summer, winter, and spring breaks in grade school and college students. There is no cure for PVS. The victim simply has to wait for it to clear on its own.
-Symptoms include morning lag, skipping class, and late homework. Some cases of forgotten locker combinations have also been reported.
Ex. 1 :
Bill: "Hey, man, you still opening your locker? I walked by here five minutes ago and you were in the same spot!"
Bob :" Yeah, i forgot my combination. Must be Post-Vacation Syndrome."

Ex. 2:
Mom: "Nicole! this is the third time you've missed the bus this week!"
Nicole: "Ugh. Sorry mom...i'm PVS'ing."
by xXThat_GirlXx January 04, 2010
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