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When someone lacks the kinda intelligence needed to add a clever or relevant comment to a thread or post and decides to post what number they are on the thread/post. Therefore angering the others that post which starts a highly irrelevant argument or arguments on said post/thread.
POST/THREAD: Today Jesus came back and his welcome home party went a little overboard. Due to the entire world having a slight...okay a MAJOR hangover from all the oceans being turned to wine. All international developments and what-not have been postponed...excluding the following manufacturing companies: Tylenol, Advil, Bayer...etc.

Posted 3 minutes ago:

Jack_Johnson (Post/Thread N00B): 1ST!!!!!!!

John_Jackson (Post/Thread N00b #2): 2nd!!!!

Snake_Plissken (cool guy): You guys are such thread n00bz.

George_Bush (former president): I hafta agree with Snake.

Jack_O'Neill (even cooler guy): George, you're just as much as a n00b...nuff said
by ENZL3Y November 10, 2009
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