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Those who were a big part of the scene but now see the error of their ways,They still dig the music, they still might even wear some of the clothes, but they are no longer held down by the absolute need to just like all the others, they also tend to get laid more.
anyone who can wear what they want but still listen to the same music they always have and still throw it down, therefore you are post scene.
#post scene #scene #after scene #anti scene #not scene
by Iampostscene November 21, 2005
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PostScene is what happened to every kid who used to be a scene kid. I'm sure everyone can agree the scene is now dead, which is why the majority of the origional scene kids who outgrew it are now PostScene. Some of them are just normal people. However, many of them have moved either into the hardcore brocore or hipster labels. The rest are just normal-ish looking people with tattoos, stretched ears, and scars where their millions of piercings used to be.
PostScene 1- "Remember the Grace Gale show in 2006?"

PostScene 2- "Yeah, let's go to Bright Eyes"
#scene #emo #hardcore #hipster #bro #underoath #terror #modest mouse
by jobforatakingbackbane June 04, 2011
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