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in recent litreature, an excuse for terrible writing, with no-coherence/sense. sprinkled with pop culture references to things like, corporations, fashionable drugs, celebrity and religion in an attempt to be 'relevant'. usually a lifetimes supply of worthless overdrawn metaphors and name dropping mordern artists. such as escher. oh and name dropping nietszche wins you 20 cool points to wear on your girl pants. ends up being a bunch of self loathing, pretentious garbage.
found in those 'arty' magazines.
"the pain. how we loved our kfc but like a darkness hidden behind the stripped soles of our empty lives, like a broken a kandinsky in a broken frame, our faith was lost in the consumer driven race for our forgotten dreams like hope like doves"
that my friends is an example of Post Modern Writing, if it makes sense to you, email me
by flakesvolkstar November 09, 2006
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