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A report of all carnage that took place during a game(predominantly Halo2 online). Includes kills, deaths, killing sprees...etc. This is where the you will hear the words noob and pwned approximately 17 times per sentence. You will hear from a noob exactly why they did so bad. Also this is where you will hear gamers yelling at their fellow teammates for their poor play, because now they can see exactly how bad they are. It is also a place where great players get off to their dominance of a video game( I would be lying if I said I am not one of them)
Noob: Dude I shot a guy 40 times in the face with the shotgun and he didn't die, then he killed me with a single pistol.
Me: Or you just suck, and got pwnt.

Nick: I didnt do too bad that game.
Me: After viewing the Post Game Carnage Report, I noticed I had 30 kills and 4 deaths. Yet we lost, whilst you merely had 4...and 21 deaths.
Nick: I'm getting better.
Me: Noob.
by June 28, 2007
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