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Someone who wears skateboarding brands e.g. Palace, Supreme, Huf, Diamond etc. and only buys the clothes because they are expensive. They have so idea about the skateboarding brands they are wearing, or skateboarding in general. The only reason they wear these clothes is to show off how much money they have. Basically an all round massive cunt.
Actual skater: Hey (poser), what do you think of (skater for Palace Skateboards) new part in the new Palace video?
Poser (non-skater): Urmmm what? what the fuck are you on about?
Skater: Well, I see you're wearing a Palace t-shirt and a Palace sweatshirt, so you clearly MUST skateboard?
Poser (non-skater):No......?
Actual skater: what a massive posing cunt
#skate #palace #poser #skateboarding #huf #diamond #supreme
by roastedbabynuts July 09, 2014
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