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Term describing the 'poser' Pokémon of the newer generations which wholeheartedly fail to capture the general spirit and imagination which represented the popular Pocket Monsters of generations I & II, and a few of III & IV. Often these Posémon are poor man's rehashes of well-known classic Pokémon, such as the lolworthy Woobat (Zubat), Purrloin (Glameow) or simply consist of something ridiculous like an ice cream cone which gains a scoop upon each evolution. (It's funny 'cause it's true)
Pokéfan 1: So, you hyped about the new Pokémon Black & White games?!
Pokéfan 2: No, those Posémon all look retarded, I'll just stick with the classics thanks...

Idiot: Z0mg! Gen V is liek sooo awesome!!11!one!
Prettycoolguy: nope.avi
by ChurKirby April 10, 2011
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