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The Portuguese take on the classic Comb Over hairstyle popularized by the likes of billionaire douche bag Donald Trump, and Televangelist Con Artist/Huckster Benny Hinn.

The gag usually takes place at a Bachelor party in either Fall River or New Bedford MA, but you can certainly pull it off anywhere in the contiguous 48 States if a Portuguese whore is available.

After a night of serious gangbanging, a Portuguese whore's uterus is drained on the head of an unsuspecting party-goer that has passed out. The briny semen, mixed with the discharge from the whore's uterine pustules, is used as a styling gel.

The hair is swept dramatically over the top of the head and left to air dry. The now hardened sperm helmet, will bring hours of delight to the other party-goers.

The unsuspecting victim will eventually wake up from the horrendous Clorox Bleach smell, and he will automatically reach up to feel the hardened semen helmet and begin to vomit as he realizes he's been had. This is when you yell, "You're Fired!!"
Henry got wicked drunk last night and didn't even screw the stripper.

Henry's a known lightweight, did you fuck him up?

We gave him a Portuguese Comb Over, and took pictures.

That'll teach that asshole!!!
by Hamburger Eddie July 19, 2010
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