Where perfection meets paradise, the harbour town of Portsmouth is born. A collection of rolling hills, real gentlemen, and a burger van combine to create this magical location.
Thou hath visit thy Portsmouth, thus shalt surely remain mushty
by Lewis12121 January 10, 2014
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A small townish city along the South coast of the UK. Major thingy, harbour or whatever you want to call it. Home of the Spinnaker Tower, which I would definitely recommend. Just a good place to be, good shops!! :):)

And one more thing, the best footie club in the world!!!!!! PLAY UP POMPEY!!!!! :)
Shall we got to Portsmouth to see the best ever footie team at Fratton Park?

Yeah, sure mate!
by smileyfootballfan December 10, 2010
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Portsmouth is the chav central of the south. Full of illiterate brain dead idiots who can barely string a sentence together. Raiding Asda on giro day for Value chips and burgers to feed to their truanting/stealing gippo kids.
''Mush i goes down the pub to shant on me social''
by Escape from here January 15, 2006
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Paedophiles (Gary Glitter, case in point)
Orgasiming With Fish (IE: Skate)
Racists (No explaination needed
Thalidomide Victims (No one is born that fugly)
Skate (Look it up)
Mother Fuckers (In the most literal sense)
Obese (The south is sinking for a reason)
Ugly Twits
The Shitist Team
Homosexual (Far to homophobic, must be hiding something)
Harry Redknap loves Portsmouth
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portsmouth = sk8 motha fukers
1-look at dat fukin sk8 overthere.
2-yeah he looks like a cunt
by p March 06, 2005
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A city located in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Has one of the highest crime rates in the 757. Basically has the look and feel of a downgraded Norfolk (another Hampton Roads city). Not the best place to be at night...or day.
Student: "I was thinking about looking for apartments in Portsmouth for next semester."

Parent: "Ok honey, well if you move there, just make sure to have plenty of food, water, and oh yeah an AK-47 with hollow tip rounds."
by VAdirtyS February 07, 2010
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Portsmouth City.

A wonderful City on the South Coast of the UK. Portsmouth has two cathedrals, thus making doubly sure it is a CITY! Home of the British Navy, and containing a large amount of maritime history. Home of HMS Warrior and HMS Victory and The Mary Rose.

Known locally as 'Pompey', this city boasts many tourist attractions, including the Spinnaker Tower, the UK's tallest structure outside of London.

Unfortunately Portmouth's popularity has made it the envy of many of it's neighbours, causing them to spew forth unnecessary hatred and incorrect remarks (please see other entries).
ie: I'm really fortunate to live in such a wonderul City like Portsmouth.
by Dazed November 23, 2005
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