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Hands down the GREATEST AHL team ever to grace the earth. In their inagural season, '93-'94, they won the Calder Cup. But since then they have yet to do it again. They were affiliated with the Washington Capitals until the '05-'06 season. They are now affiliated with the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim.

Past Portland greats: Kevin Kaminski, Byron Dafoe, Sergei Gonchar, Olaf Kolzig, Ken Klee, Andrew Brunette, Martin Brochu, Steve Poapst, Mark Major, Mel Angelstad...many more

Current Portland greats: Jordan Smith, Dustin Penner, Shane O'Brien, Curtis Glencross, Trevor Gillies, Ryan Shannon, Pierre Parenteau, Dieter Kochan, Tim Brent, Ladislav Smid, Geoff Peters, (Corey Perry), (Ryan Getzlaf), (SCOOTER SMITH)...many more
The PORTLAND PIRATES eat so much fetus...it's INSANE!
The Portland Pirates destroy the shrimping Manchester Monarchs.
by ThillyBlakey January 09, 2006

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