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Used to describe when content from one video-game is converted over to another. This is considered illegal, as it is seen as giving away free game content to people who might not own the game. See warez.
Nerd 1: Hmm, this shotgun sound from Half-Life 2 will go perfect in Fallout 3! Then, when it's done, I'll put it up for download on my favorite site!

Nerd 2: You can't do that, that's porting!
by Laulz Mann August 11, 2011
The act of one man sticking his circumcised penis into another man's foreskin to form a connection.
Daniel Tosh loves porting with other guys as a way of bonding.
by dark side bitches June 23, 2011
When the Marines or Navy come back to their homeland and start hooking up with girls/guys and having sexual intercourse later on.
Would you look at that, a bunch a guys in the Navy are porting a bunch a girls. Hopefully, they'll pull out before they're in more trouble.
by Toltendo November 24, 2010
The act of texting someone and watching porn at the same time without them knowing.
Ex1: Boy 1- "Dude last night i was so porting Jessica."

Boy 2- "Dude Noice"

Ex2: Mel- "oh yes baby."

Jane- "Mel u better not be porting me"
by Patty Dilson June 15, 2014
The act of another male tying weights to his foreskin in order for another male to inject his fallous into another mans penis.
That guy Ben got caught porting Tim.
by mattlikesvodka October 23, 2009
the endless bitching of a girlfriend and/or female around you
Jen is just porting all the time now.

I can't take this porting much longer, it never ends.
by phreak136 July 15, 2005
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