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This definiton is a popular by many. port seton is famous for its anal sex with poodles, while eating noodles bought from the blue corner shop while tickling your dangle berries ( arsegoodles. A male purchases cheap shit out of date noodles and prepares them in boiling water while shoving a poodle up his/her partners anal capacity. Similar to the more favoured, ow ow chiahua rolover, where a chihuaha is entered in any cavity while eating a rolo yoghurt. Extreme caution may need to be taken for example, people sometimes use melted mars bar for lubricant
dat bitc his fiiine, am gonna port seton arsrgoodle noodle podle dat bich tanight, dawwwg

Port seton-arsegoodle-noodle-poodle"
by Mentalmarkportseton September 07, 2012
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