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A small town in Florida bordering Cocoa, Canaveral Groves, and Titusville, inhabited by rednecks, lower middle class old people, and black people too soft to live in Cocoa. A good ole' boy's version of Rockledge. The only "port" there is this poor excuse on the Indian River that you can barely get a bassboat into.
He was talkin' shit about clickin' up? That fuck ass nigga lives in Port St. John, whats he gonna do ride over here on a go cart and start sprayin a BB gun?
by Siegel McBirdman February 22, 2007
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1.N ;Shit hole, filled with pot heads, meth labs, and red neck hillbilly hicks. There is absolutley nothing to do here.

2. Usually used to build confidince in someone else when doing something stupid out of boredom, or drugs.
Man 1 "No, im not gonna smoke that!"
Man 2 "Dude, its port st. john, what else is there to do?"
Man 1 "True."
by Wiggles32456 June 08, 2009
A small shit town just on the edge of florida. Where the word "swag" is over used. Port st. john consists of redneck/ hick wanna be's. Who think its cool to go out in the forest and build campfires to jump into. Potheads who light up in their bathrooms and utter things like "dude, I have no idea whats going on. Swag" Black people who act like theyre ghetto but in reality, too soft to move anywhere else. The only things to do here are drugs, drink, and have sex. So if your looking for a place to ruin your life.. This is where you need to be. Don't worry, If you ever want a smoking/ loitering location. There are over 8 churches that noone goes to. But bathrooms will work too.
person 1: "Hey man, we're gonna have a campfire in the middle of the forest and throw our drunk selves into it. Wanna join?"

person 2: "Naa dude. It's Port st. john. I'm gonna hit some friends up and smoke. Maybe snort some lines."

person 1: "SWAG"
by dixie normouss December 12, 2012

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