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The Canadian Compton, a place where the dealers of Surrey and the meth users of Maple Ridge come to kill eachother as it has a murder rate 4 times the national average and has been multiple time murder capital of Canada. Hometown of legendary hero Terry Fox and horrific serial killer Willy Pickton. It is a great place to raise a family or start a meth lab, sometimes both. Hometown heroes include the PoCo donkey, a screaming donkey that can be heard throughout the Northside, the Pirate Lady(true legend), the PoCo hooker who has a two dollar tuesday special, and former mayor Scott Young, who was acting mayor while in prison. Well known areas include the magical forest, where people get high and see things, halfway houses(beside middle schools), PoCo arena and various teen centre which are a great place for fake gangster young teens to find drugs and cigarette.
Where do you live?
"Port Coquitlam the cul de sac kids always play street hockey on"
which one?
"beside the grow-op"
which one?
"The one beside the meth-lab"
which one?
"Where that guy got shot"
which one?
"It 2453 Elm"
O ok, where they had that drive buy while the litte girls were selling lemonade and weed.
by PoCoBoY October 01, 2009
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