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Pornumentary is the play by play description of an occurring sexual activity between two people (usually inexperienced) who are totally unaware that their sexual activity can be heard by others.
The following is an excerpt from a pornumentary that I overheard between two teens who camped in a tent next to mine over the Memorial Day weekend.

Jasmine: (tee-hee) Can we try it doggy now?

Brody: (feeling oh so lucky) Sure! But you'll have to move that way a bit!

Jasmine Oooch, that hurts when you slip out and it hits between the holes!

Brody: I'm sorry about that, It doesn't feel too good when I hit the "taint" either!

Jasmine: Taint...? Damn, that rock keeps jabbing into my knee!
by Markishmark May 27, 2008
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