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It's a site like a rick roll in the way it's hard to close but it's just a man waving his willy about with that Dead or Alive "spin me round" song in the back ground. DO NOT go looking for it.
Pork Spin
by Jackiejackiejackie August 20, 2011
A naked bald guy jumping while his dick spins. Some People say its meatspin v2. its hard to close so watch out.!
David: Hey Dani go to porkspin.com

Daniel: This is not like meatspin.com

David: Of course not.!

Daniel: WTF is this!

Paul: HaHa Pwnd.!

Porkspin.com: You spin mw right round.!

Paul: Try to close it.!

Daniel: I cant.!

Porkspin.com: Hello.!


by Pauliie March 31, 2010