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Any easily obtainable object used for hiding a sudden and unanticipated erection (popup), while in public.
Steve had to use a dodge ball in gym class as a popup blocker to hide his huge broner from any onlooking male counterparts.
by Crooked Vulture November 16, 2009
When you're on your ruble swag and you notice some guap cake and get excited, but it's actually just trash.
Chris wanted to hook up with that chick at the party, but sadly realized that she was only in to russian men and bmw's. What a popup blocker!

Person 1: Hey man is that megan fox. I can't really see it clearly from over here.

Person 2: Oh, dat thing! Nah, it's my old grandma.

Person 1: That's such a popup blocker!
by rubadub3 August 11, 2009
tighter underwear wore underneath looser fitting swimming shorts, to prevent n r b's
spoken: pop up blockers.
"That old dude forgot about his pop-up blockers..sick."
dude 1:"why do you wear tighties man?", dude 2:" dont be such a T-box, theyre just my pop-up blockers."
by 6IXTY 1NE July 25, 2006
a spiffy program that prevents popups from interfering with your web surfing
Those popup ads used to take over my browser all the time, but then I downloaded a popup blocker and they never bothered me again!
by Anonymous April 30, 2003
When your with your girlfriend and you see and hottie and you get hard and your girlfriend drops to her knees and uppercuts you in the balls.
walkin the beach with your girlfriend and you have a hard on.
by Cr4cK573r May 12, 2004
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