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1.) In direct reference to the loss of a dental filling during, and as a result of, oral sex, almost in conjuction with fellatio, (oral and penial contact). 2.) Can also be used to describe a bad relationship, whether sexual or plutonic in nature. 3.) May also be used to describe something, or anything, that is negative.
Head Banging: "She went to town on me! Unfortunately, I had to comfort her while driving her to an all night dentist! We couldn't tell him that I was so wild in her mouth that it caused a 'popped lid'!"

Break Up: "I had to end it with Linda. Going out with her was a 'popped lid'!"

Parental Child Conflict: "Man! My mom is so freaked about the rave I wanted to go to that she acted so 'popped lid' about it all."

by Mike in Aurora, Colorado March 22, 2008