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An excellent gang of masterful rap artists. Members are Flame Pope, Doc Pope, Bird Pope, Child-lover Pope, and Slut Pope. They hate the jews, and are believed to be responsible for bringing ideas of the "Neo Nazis" to America. They would love nothing more then to send all of the jews to Germany and start up the ovens again.

Child-lover Pope died of AIDS in the early ninties, and it is believed he contracted the disease from a contaminated minor.
"Yo homie! Lets go back to my place and put on some P.W.A. while we join the Neo Nazi forum."

"Bwooo, popes with attitude! Bwoooo, popes with attitude! When something happens in southern Italy, nothin happens, it's just another pope dead! Straight out the Vatican! Crazy motha fucker named Flame Pope, in a gang called Popes with attitude!"
by Sam Rankis July 12, 2006

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