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Little tastes of heaven, in a magnificent theater-style box.
Popcorn chicken at KFC!
by Lori Muolo August 01, 2003
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What a black man takes to the movie theater, in substitute of popcorn.
Damn nigga, I hate these white people movie theaters not selling some good old fashioned popcorn chicken.
by Axel Grimm July 02, 2011
1. a phrase to tell someone to get off of you when you think they are going to suffocate you to let them know you are serious

2. a code word for telling someone you have to leave just so they can be the first one to say goodbye and not feel abandoned
1. person 1: BUNKBEDS!
person 2: AHHH! popcorn chicken!

2. Person 1: popcorn chicken
person 2: ok i have to go
person 1: me too bye!
by lalala0101 April 26, 2007

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