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A person who pays to go to the movies just to act like they're bored and spoil the experience for everyone else in the theatre.
They are unable to sit still for two hours without eating, talking or going to the bathroom. their weapons include noisy candy wrappers, perpetual cellphone conversations and whining about how they don't know what's going on in the movie because they spent the first half of it eating, urinating and talking on the phone.
Popcorn flickers have recently started attending live theatre performances. Thankfully, the house policies of no entry after the performance has started and no food in the auditorium keeps them to a minimum. For now.
Suzie: "Hey John, lets go catch a movie"
John: "Hell no Suzie! It's Saturday afternoon. The movie theatre will be full of Popcorn Flickers"
by Houdinia December 12, 2006
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