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A person who is lame; in actions, speech, or overall demeanor. One who is lame.
"Man, why you playin that gig from Jon B?"
"Yous a ol' popcorn ass nigga!"
"Why you listen to that popcorn music?"
"Man, stop lettin that bitch hit on you like that, ol' popcorn ass nigga?"
"You a popcorn ass mutha fucka!"
#ham #popcorn #lame #corny #bunk
by Norma L March 24, 2008
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A person that is lame.
"Man, why you listen to that new gig from John B?"
"Yous a ol' popcorn ass nigga!"
"Sam, why you let Leslie beat on you like dat, you popcorn ass nigga?"
#popcorn #lame #corny #ham #bunk
by Pimp G March 24, 2008
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