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To tell off or pop off on an extremely bitchy girl who has had it coming to her for months. When you pop a hoe you have to completely shut her down. Can be done in person or through e-mail/Facebook. After you pop a hoe you must block them from your Facebook to make sure you had the last word and they cannot respond. Usually involves coworkers, teachers, and shitty newspaper editors.
Josh: "So what are you going to do about your roommate’s bitchy girlfriend Laura?"
John: "Oh, I'm going to pop a hoe. You won’t be seeing her around here for awhile."

Josh: "Whats wrong with you today?"
John: "I'm about to pop a hoe. Some stupid white girl made a racist remark."
#pop a hoe #tell off #pop off #shitty newspaper editor #bitchy girl
by KarmaIsABitch July 17, 2009
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