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\ (poo)-hwis, (ˈpuːɪs) \

- noun

1. The act of using your vocal cords in order to stop making face.
2. The odor which is released from the faeces after feltch has been sucessfull. (feltching)


1. Presenting or suggesting horrid, insane, petite scenes. Extremely unpleasant.
"I just stopped making face and made poowis instead"
"Man, that was a horrible poowis i just smelled"

"Dude this poowis isn't what i expected.
Yeah, its pretty damn poowis."
by Hamsteak January 25, 2011
Poowis is a term for a human with insane amount of bodily hair, although strangely not on the head. He/she may wear cheesecloth shirts, and get naked with random shouts of abandonment at inappropiate times.

He/she may also wear socks with sandals and take knickers from old ladies' washing lines. He/she has extremely smelly feet.
'That Susan Boyle? She's a right Poowis!'
by PanGalacticGargleBlaster August 08, 2009
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