A ghost, otherwise a person who shows no emotion.
Its dark, and I see a pooth.
by HC Banger March 11, 2011
Top Definition
When a female decides to take a poo in a males toilet and gets found out.
Josh: Has she just done a poo in there?
Jay: You mean a Charlie Pooth?
by bath boy January 24, 2011
To pooth is to fart on someone to release sexual tension and for some people, it is even used as an alternate to sex. The art of poothing is simple, and as easy as you'd imagine. Just do what you do everyday, except this time on someone's face.
"You poothed on me!"
"I know. How does that make you feeeel?"

by HannahLynnGOGOGO August 11, 2008
an outhouse/porta potty. Combination of poo and booth. Similar to a phone booth, but for pooing.
The pooth is down the hill from our cabin.
by Johnny Moses July 20, 2008
A mixture of the words poop and tooth. A pooth is a tooth with a brown discoloration that resembles fecal matter. The word can also be used to describe the result of a rim job gone awry.
I thought that girl was hot until I saw her pooth.
by bri777 January 13, 2011
to everyone else it's puss, only with a lisp
Jack said " I'd like to see her pooth."
by disco July 29, 2003
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