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Slang for "pussy", as in a woman's genitalia or a cat.
My poosey is shedding.
by Ka August 04, 2003
Somebody scared of their partners.
"Sunny is a right old Poosey, he's scared of his missus and has to watch what he says/does so it doesn't displease her"

Man1: what are you doing Sunny tonight?
Sunny: nothing, going to stay home with the wife, she's not happy with me and so I have to make it up to her by cooking her a meal"
Man1: You POOSEY!
by Ghazi January 29, 2008
n. a drink
vb. to have a drink
n. you got any poosey?
vb. let me have a poosey on your 'bu
by the kids at hgs March 07, 2005

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