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Longterm resident of subsidized housing having welfare babies one after another while lowlife boyfriend or loser husband stays home and refuses to look for work and support family. One or both are running a long term disability or welfare fraud. Always in possession of a tricked out cell phone to call her single mom, poor white trash friends who also have at least one welfare baby of their own. Can be seen driving a Jeep Cherokee while on the way to a local Bob's store to buy athletic jerseys for loser husband.
That apartment complex is for Poor White Trash.
by cirkle k August 06, 2011
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Those who live in trailer parks built before 1975
Mark is poor white trash, he lives in a 1972 single wide trailer.
by emuserbam November 21, 2006
A really jealous white person who can’t stand to see blacks living much better than them.
Poor White Trash: Hey Jim Bob, looker ova der at that nigger coming from that big nice house.

Jim Bob: yep, that pretty...I mean ugly nigger wife standing in the door waving good bye to him.

Poor White Trash: Yep, he thinks hez some big shot getting into that nice sport car.

Jim Bob: yep and that sooo pretty...I mean ugly nigger wife standing in the door waving at him.

Poor White Trash: Yep, damn nigger house is bigger and better than my shack.

Jim Bob: Yep, I must agree...and hez have a pretty Halle Berry justa standing waving him on.

Poor White Trash: Wass up with you Jim Bo?

Jim Bob: Well that nigger house is bigger, but hell...hez wife looks a whole lot better than our wives put together.
by Truth Define July 04, 2009

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