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A nose of poop. A formally used insult.
You,sir, are a poopynose.
by Better than you, beawtch July 14, 2011
A poopy nose is a simple prank that can be carried out on young siblings, intoxicated friends, or significant others. To give someone a poopy nose, one must first begin by clamping a misled or unconscious persons nose between the first knuckles/joints of the pointer and middle finger. Immense pressure must then be applied to the nose while executing a pulling motion. Attempt to pull the nose off, more or less. This, if done properly, while cause an enormous scab to form on nose of the person receiving the poopy over the next 24 hours. Repeating the act will increase effectiveness
Max is passed out drunk on the couch. Let's give him a poopy nose so we can all make fun of his scab for the next week or two.
by rooolf December 18, 2011

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