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The most amazing character in Family Guy history, conjured up by Peter Griffin himself! He is a handicapped duck with a tomato as his nose, rides a skateboard 24/7 and carries a suitcase containing one shirt which is trapped on the outside. Pretty much slang for a fucking retard :)
One Day, 3 Ducks were crossing the road Goin' to get some soda But they weren't looking where they were goin' And the bus came along and hit them all Now they're handicapped and. . .an...an... ...No . . . that's pretty much it! Handi-Quacs.

Poopy Face Tomato Nose!!!
by yuG ylimaF January 03, 2012

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duck handicapped idiot retard tomato
One of the handiquacks.
Poopyface Tomatonose carries around a suitcase
with a shirt sleeve hanging out cuz he is stupid.
he was created on the t.v. show Family Guy.
Poopyface Tomatonose is a duck dawg!
by poopyfacetomatonoseisgay June 17, 2011