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A is for annoying, always dissing what is "odd".

B is for booty, the second only thing they think about.

C is for cheat, their only talent.

D is for their grade point average, must I say anymore?

E is for everyone, who they are trying to please.

F is for "fag", what they call what is different.

G is for "Gods", that which they think they are.

H is for humane, that which they don't care about.

I is for individuality, that which they don't have.

J is for jokes that they play on other people.

K is for kool, for the ones who can't spell.

L is for lame, the point which they fear.

M is for misinformed, thinking that being popular is the most important thing.

N is fir no respect, what they give others.

O is for opaque, cause you can see right through them.

P is for pressure, the kind that they put on each other.

Q is for quite loud, for they are never quiet.

R is for ridicule, what they do to everyone else.

S is for simple, they see only in black and white.

T is for torment, what they do on a daily basis.

U is for universal, for they are EVERYWHERE!!!

V is for vindictive, what more can I say.

W is for window licker, 'cause most have a low GPA.

X is for (e)x-girlfriends, of which they have plenty.

Y is for you, that which they don't care for.

Z is for zero, how many the world wants!!!
Person 1: Hey, that guy totally matches the Emo alphabet!!! Lol!!!
Person 2: And you are starting to match the Poopular alphabet.... I'm outta here!!!
by The Emo Avenger!!! August 23, 2008
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