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The ring in your butt when its shitty
dude your poop a loop (butthole) smells!!
by Zach butkiss November 01, 2006
32 32
When your poop is so long that it loops around the entire toilet bowl creating a full loop.
When I pooped this morning,I stood up a bit and moved my hips in a circle. This action created a Poop a Loop.
by Jason 93 May 14, 2008
58 5
The act of pooping a loop, preferably in a toilet. Requiring great skill and effort.
The varsity football team cheered him on as he mastered his poopaloop in the locker room.
by ScrappyDoo69 March 16, 2012
6 1
Verb Phrase The act of pooping in a loop or in spirals.
Noun aka. Poop Loop.
Nikki- Man, I need to Poop-a-Loop... bad.
Hunter- Good luck!
by PB&Fan April 11, 2010
2 0
Taking a shit so big that it leaves rings around the toilet.
I think the Mexican food I had last night was the main contributor to this mornings poop-a-loops.
by Falz September 09, 2008
5 3
When you shit yourself while upside down in a plane.
That loop de loop turned into a poop a loop!
by PoopALooper January 10, 2012
2 1
something to say to fill in the awkward silence when u dont want to talk to the person talking to you.
Man: how was your day?
Woman: poop-a-loop (shrug)
Man: true
by cahills sunrise April 13, 2008
4 3
A reference used when something is not right.
"That's poop-a-loops, I cannot believe she dumped you."
by crim77 April 19, 2008
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