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The uncomfortable feeling you have pooping in a public restroom when you're not alone.
The other day, I went to poop at the grocery store restroom but someone was still in the stall next to me so I got a little poop shy and waited for them to leave before I continued my poo.
by Glingo July 13, 2011
12 1
a) an adjective used to describe a state of being: particularly when one cannot preform bowel movements in public restrooms, or other peoples presence. being too embaressed to preform bodily functions. b) noun: an endeared thing, or person.
a) I really had to go - number 2 - but couldn't because some lady was using the stall next to mine. b) Billy looked around the room, then rather distressedly cried "Where is my poopshy?!"
by samantha February 23, 2004
8 3