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A phrase used to describe a certain type of person. This person is usually tall and gangly and may suffer from slight mental retardation. They usually have curly hair and most would describe them as a big dumb faggot. Many of the P-sharks listen to hip-hop music and are characterized as wiggers. These types of poop sharks may have a Jheri curl. Some famous poop sharks include Jon Heder(Napoleon Dynamite), Screech(Dustin Diamond) , and Rosie O'Donnel.
Korie Mooreland is such a douche! He must have got his degree in poop sharkology.

I can't believe that faggot! he is such a Poop Shark!
by Doug Wenticoff December 06, 2006
a piece of poop shaped like a shark that eats goldfish in the toilet
Hey goldfish here comes your poopshark friend
by crazyguatamalukrian April 07, 2011
1. One who voraciously consumes massive quantities of raw fecal matter. Such behaviour is said to be "shark-like".

2. Tronny.
Not only is Tronny an arsebadger, he's a total poopshark as well.
by Shiggedy August 22, 2004
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