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When you hold your poop and then start to fart and your farts have to pass through a filter, or screen, of poop.
"Man my farts really stink right now. Oh yeah! That's because I Have to poop and my farts are passing through a screen of poop thus making them stinker. My farts are passing through my poop screen"
by Ewern December 18, 2011
The old old legend of how kids get to be freckley. It is said that the child has a screen held over his or her face, then someone poops on the screen. Little drops of excrement seep through & fall onto the childs skin, thus making them poopscreened, AKA freckled.
ginger kid: you suck!
normal kid: shut up you frickin poopscreen!
by kdsjfa April 08, 2006
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