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Poop Thong is when a girl (or guy) gets poop stains on their thong as a result of either:

a) Not wiping well enough after defecation
b) Uncontrollable explosive diarrhea
c) Anal seepage
"Yo, I heard that girl Brandi Endbare had a poop thong. It was stankier than 2 homeless mothafuckaz playin' golf on a school night, ya feel me?"

"Yeah...yeah I feel ya dawg, like a threesome between a giraffe, a hippogriff, and Ted Danson."

"Exactly mah dude, like the sickest mothafuckin' thing you ever saw. I'm talkin' sicker than a vag degreased Betty White on peyote"

"Yeah man that be some fucked up shit, thinkin' about it just makes me wanna shit a beehive"

"Better that than a poop thong. Did I tell you about that girl Brandi Endbare?"
by PoonStabba and the PussPatrol November 04, 2012
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