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A small amount of Cocaine that is snorted in the form of a line or the scooping method. Just enough to make you wanna take a Poop.
"Dude I'm so Drunk I need a Poop Snap or I'm going to fall over"

"Dude I just took a Poop Snap do you have a Cigarette"
by Mark Sniff December 11, 2007
Taking a selfie with Snapchat whilst sitting on the toilet.
Friend 1: "Did you get Josh's poopsnap this morning?"
Friend 2: "Bro, Poopsnapping is so 2013..."
by Torque_Lewith April 10, 2014
another way of saying fuck.
Girl 1: did you do the homework?
Girl 2: Poop snaps i forgot
by blahblahblahpoop October 15, 2009
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