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One (male, female, other, or both)who is pleasured by frequent anal interactions e.g. anal penetration by penis, finger, or toy; oral anal foreplay (anal kissing); or just pooping.
Meet Mary. Mary habitually partakes in anal pleasantries. One year during Mardi Gras, Mary received many beaded necklaces- all of which she shoved up her ass- therefore making her a poopslut.
by Layana August 07, 2005
A Person Who engages in, or fantesizes about smearing fecal matter on themselves while being penetrated by two, or more other willing or unwilling participants. (Do not have to be human)
That Guy/girl is such a poopslut. Yeah lets go over to Him/Her, and kick them.
by The Dr. January 16, 2005
A person with a very loose anus.
A woman who loves to get it in the butt.
Q: "Hey buddy do you remember that poop slut in our chemistry class?"

A: "Yeah man she told me she likes to suck dick after its been in her ass... i just looked at her and called her a Poop slut.
by Adrian F. December 24, 2003
In contrast to people who cannot pass a bowel movement on any toilet except their own, poopsluts can drop a deuce anywhere and at anytime.
I can't crap in a public restroom, but you can. You're a total poopslut.
by Bernard the Neologist January 30, 2009
a slut that swims in poop
That girl is such a poop slut!
Jessica Adams
by Kyle Pozsgai March 29, 2005
A person who has sex for meth (aka poop). Similar to a crack whore.
Sandy is a total poop slut. She'll fuck anything for a chance to hit the poop pipe.
by chris712 November 23, 2007
A slut who is ugly and unwanted by all men or women.
Jessica want every guys dick. Too bad she is a poop slut.
by jasondirtymannn November 03, 2009

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