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When you are at work and are taking a poop on the clock.
"Man, you were in the bathroom a long time"

"Earning me them Poop Dollas!!!!"
by Sockeye July 18, 2012
This is a common expression that results from an exciting ultimate frisbee play. For example, when one teammate throws a long pass that is secured in the end zone by an amazing display of athleticism, one would exlaim, "POOP DOLLA!"
Danny throws a long pass to Phil and Aly exclaims "POOP DOLLA!"
by ultimatehucker July 23, 2012
A Unicorns unnatural ability to produce amazing amounts of panda semen through the tip of its horn.
I wish my roommate wouldn't poop dolla so much. everything is sticky and i feel like i live in a crime seen.
by W0nderbread5555 January 13, 2012