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cookies containing pebbles of fecal matter that are moist and fresh. These cookies are usually served to unsuspecting little children by there disgustingly erotic grandparents. They will usually look like chocolate chip cookies and will probably smell like them too, depending on your grandparents' skill in this art. If you have recently eaten poop cookies, side effects include but aren't limited to: deflated boner, random combustion of pubic hair, and an intense desire to listen to Creed.
"Grandma are you making poop cookies?"
"No ;) "
by ThatsJustNasty69 November 10, 2011
Cookies made out of poop, often using rubberbands to form them.
Jakob! are you almost done in the bathroom? I need to make Poop cookies! With Rubberbands!
by Jak's Dad October 18, 2010

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