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One who pisses the shit streaks off public toilets for the greater good.

A term made famous by the Collegehumor movie Coffee Town
He's a great guy. I went in there the other day and took a very adult shit. When I walked out, he walked in. I went back in there and all the skid marks... completely gone! That guy... he's a poop chipper.
by rogerthewhale July 25, 2013
A Poop Chipper is a male who purposefully uses his urine in order to 'chip away' someone else's fecal matter. The Poop Chipper is commonly seen as a 'good guy', a person who uses his urine for the greater good.
Jamie is a really great guy, i've heard he's a poop chipper!
by poorpoorpitifulme July 20, 2013

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