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1.) Verb - When you thrust a rusty knife into a girls unsuspecting poon until the ass and poon become one. You then insert thy crusty penis into poon until ones penis is then exiting out the ass. Hence the shape of a boomarang (aka poonarang)
2.) Noun - the poonarang
Damn homie! I done poonaranged Marge G. last night and gave her edumacation sex.
by Poon Master October 29, 2006
7 13
A female that ,no matter how much you try to get rid of her, you end up sleeping with her again and again.
Jim:I banged my ex-girlfriend again last night.

Mike: Man, that's like the 10th time you've retapped that, that girl is a poon-a-rang.
by theedingo November 08, 2010
14 1