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The fight which ensues in a public or office restroom with multiple stalls over which occupant will win the right to poo in privacy.

It is a general rule that the first occupant shall be the victor and a newly arriving poo-er must concede the entire restroom and come back later. However, there are times when a new poo-er cannot postpone or doesn't have the couth to wait...thereby commencing a Poo Battle.
Corporate Office Worker #1: "I was in the poo stall (back of the bathroom) and some heffa came in and sat quietly for several minutes waiting for me to splash and dash! Too bad, I was there first! I won that poo battle"

Corporate Office Worker #2: "Damn, that is beyond rude! We should post a sign in the stall about the rules for pooing!" I'm fixin' to go poo soon. I WISH somebody would battle me! <office workers high-five each other>
by Daisyville June 15, 2009
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