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1. Any attempt by a male to elicit a female to hit, poke, punch or otherwise make physical contact with said male. This is most often done by making chauvinist remarks.

2. A not so subtle form of flirtation perfected by Dave Mabey.
"I'd ask you to come to the beach with us, but I know you have to stay in the kitchen and make us dinner."
<smack!> "Jerk!"
"Hey, Dave, stop playing Poo Poo Games and get in the car!"
by Jonny-the-Kid January 28, 2009
When a guy flirts with a girl by insulting her gender with a chauvinistic remark. The desired outcome is being punched or poked by the female, thus eliciting the physical contact the male craves.
Guy: "Hey, shouldn't you be in the kitchen making us lunch?"
Girl: "Shut up jerk!" <SMACK>
Guy2: "Come on Dave, stop playing poo poo games and let's go."
by Switchbladeuzi December 09, 2009
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