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(Adj) 3 definitions:
1) A 'Poo Newt' is a newt that has rolled, and had a party, in it's own shit. These are rare.
2) An ugly 12 year old ginger girl.
3) When you find anything that resembles poo in your belly button
1) 'Wow, Mary, come and look at that Poo Newt in my garage. It's quite smelly.'
2) 'Oh God Stephanie, look at that fucking fugly freaking poo newt! She should take a bath and dye her hair. Then maybe she'll get some friends, or get laid.'
3) Dr Cook: 'Clementine, i'm afraid you have been diagnosed, with a Poo Newt. Have some antibiotics.'
Clementine: 'Is it deadly?'
Dr Cook: 'Yes.'
by Sallat Lixon September 25, 2007