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A turd with the length and girth of a horse's dick.
I 've been getting raped by a poo donkey for the last ten minutes!
by roxmokin October 28, 2009

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comes from the ancient saxon root, "puo dankie"

which means, to look like a big fat donkey farker, ie mother of hrimkalder from the ancient english poem, Vorsteinglaus.
that girl looks like poodonkey. her crack is very smelly
by loraina bobbit February 14, 2005
A fine gentleman with exceptional standards, charisma, and rugged good looks.
All of us ladies fawn for men like PooDonkey and despise Weeble Wobbles.
by Corky March 13, 2003
A person who lacks any discernible intelligence, and frequently acts in a manner that makes him appear foolish.
I'll beat that muthafuckin' poo donkey Randy for stealing my beeotch Andrea.
by Matt S. March 13, 2003