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A poo blot is what is seen on the toilet paper after wiping a dirty ass.

Not unlike a Rorschach ink blot, a poo blot's image left on the toilet paper is open for interpretation.
A hundred different people could look at a poo blot and each could see something different.

The exciting thing about poo blots is each time you wipe the result will be different, that is to say no two poo blots will ever bee the same. Everything from what one eats to wiping-technique will effect the outcome.

Even more uncontrolled factors such as height, weight, or even gender are thought to contribute to poo blot results.

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"I had the runniest crap the other day, after I wiped I swear my poo blot looked like a woman crying...wanna see?"

"No way man that poo blot totally looks like a dog swimming in a lake!"
by BlaqueIce January 05, 2008
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